Collaboration with world-famous universities, hospitals and research centres has resulted in more than 170 scientific references of INDIBA® and articles in indexed journals, dissertations and PhD theses that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the Proionic® System on achieving three effects: subthermia (bio-stimulation), thermia (vascularisation) and hyperthermia (hyper-activation). The result is improved tissue regeneration, enhanced cell tropism and increased collagen and elastin synthesis.


Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal has demonstrated the proliferative action induced by the 448 kHz current on mesenchymal stem cells1.


The 448 kHz current significantly reduces the cell lipid content in preadipocytes. It induces lipolysis as a result of increased perilipin expression2.

Immunofluorescence analysis of the expression of PPAR-γ, a fatty acid storage regulating gene that promotes fatty tissue formation. AD, control samples incubated in an adipogenic medium for 2 or 9 days and simulated exposure to 448 kHz; AD+448 kHz, samples cultured in an adipogenic medium exposed to 448 kHz for 48 hrs; ND, samples cultured in a non-differentiating undefined medium.


No harmful effects on healthy cell populations. Cytostatic and cytotoxic effect on certain tumour lines3,4.


It acts effectively on visceral fat reducing it significantly5.


Electrical effects indicate the use of DEEP CARE by INDIBA® during the period immediately following fractional laser surgery, liposuction, etc. to reduce side effects and the post-operative period6.

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